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Video Editor Wanted!

We are looking for a video editor who is experienced, passionate, and willing to learn our stye of editing.  The types of videos will vary from short-form social media content, real estate videos, miscellaneous commercial videos, wedding videos, and some photo editing as well.  We run multiple brands, including Wed Film Co, Real Estate Media Co, and most recently our commercial video production brand we are currently launching.  


The applicant should be familiar with and have access to Adobe Creative Cloud programs such as Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition.  The applicant should be able to speak fluent English as most of the content produced will be in English. 


Required skills include basic knowledge of video editing, audio post production (cleaning audio, noise reduction, basic EQ, compression), color grading, text animation, and most of all a creative eye for storytelling and creating a final edit that will have a clear purpose and be engaging to the viewer.  The job will be remote and will require a computer powerful enough to edit 4K video, as well as reliable internet for file transferring.  

Click here to download and fill out your application.  

When you have finished filling out your application, please submit it below!

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