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Our Style

Capturing authentic, candid moments is very important to us.  You'll notice we often operate in the "fly on the wall" style. Occasionally we will step in to stage certain poses if that's something that interests you.  Otherwise, you'd be surprised how much your day can speak for itself.  

Telling story through video has been a passion for us, ever since college where we studied media production.  When it comes to wedding films, we put an emphasis on capturing the best audio possible, and enhancing the colors to match the feelings of your story.

After working on a team of videographers for several years, the chance to start something brand new and original like Wed Film Co was very exciting.  Since then, it has been "creativity first."

As much as we love filming in the beautiful landscapes of country-style weddings, we often find ourselves in the city, which we equally love.  There's nothing like a run-and-gun portrait session downtown.

A Few
Highlight Films

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